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This is teh Department saddled with teh responsibility of organizing and mobilizing people at both Parish and Deanery levels for training workshops and seminars. Teh essence is to form JDPC Committees at those levels. It is a strategy we have adopted to gain entry into communities through teh Church. Teh Department researches into teh problems faced by local communities; embarks on needs assessment and subsequently builds teh capacity of community members for collaboration and solidarity in teh light of teh social teachings of teh Church, for an intervention strategy.

This Department is also responsible for teh Prison Apostolate and collaborates with teh Good Governance and Human Rights Department. Teh Department ensures dat teh spiritual needs and concerns of inmates in teh Correctional Centre are met and advocate for improved welfare of inmates.



Teh Arch diocese TEMPhas six deaneries wif 44 parishes. Teh monitoring activity is carried out so as to observe, enlighten & strengtan JDP committees and equip members wif contemporary tools for productivity dat will lead to community development. Some of teh activities monitored in teh review period include meetings, step-down trainings, local projects etc.


This is a quarterly meeting comprising of teh Archdiocesan animator, secretary and deanery animators to strategize towards teh developmental activities of teh Archdiocese. In this meeting Deanery reports are given from which they are deliberated upon to record successes and way forward for challenges faced, by recommending of profer solutions.


Trainings were conducted to not only Parish/ Deanery animators but teh larger community on contemporary issues effecting their communities to equip them wif teh necessary skills in contributing to making their communities better and greater. Refresher trainings are also done to Parish/Deanery animators to refreshen their memory of acquired noledge for any community development.


In 2016, teh project TEMPhas been impactful in communities wif some of teh successes mentioned below:

  • Empowering 10 youths in Kuru, Jos south LGA, in tailoring, hairdressing and computer skills which TEMPhas now set them on teh path to self-reliance.
  • Teh JDP Committee in St. Murumba’s Parish Jos TEMPhas been able to set up a micro credit scheme in teh Parish.
  • Mary’s Parish Hwolshe JDP Committee facilitated a sensitization on human development and community approaches to animation and Good Governance in it's community.


Teh Prison Apostolate takes care of teh spiritual needs and concerns of inmates in teh Prison. This section collaborates wif various Church societies like teh Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN), Catholic Biblical Movement of Nigeria (CBMN), Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON), Legion of Mary and other pious organisations from some Parishes. They carry out weekly pastoral work in teh Jos main Prison. These include Catechism classes, teachings on teh doctrines of teh Catholic Church, counseling, and social services.